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Seaside Stone Villa

  • 220Sq Mt
  • 1Parking
  • 4Bedrooms
  • 4Bathrooms
  • 11800Sq Mt LAND
  • 2018Built Year


On Paros, there have been discoveries of ancient boathouses, that is to say, artificial grooves of the seaside rocks that served the loading of the ships with Parian marble and their hauling on the land for repair. In modern times, in the traditional shipyards, such as the one next to our plot, the grooves were replaced by the “traverses”, two parallel wooden beams which had a corresponding function. The composition of the house is a clear reference to the naval tradition of the island and is based on a very simple idea: The dwelling is placed below the ground level in an elongated pit. Two dry-stone walls retain the soil of the pit and create a narrow, empty space with a clear orientation towards the sea view. This area is filled with water, as was the case with the ancient boathouses or the modern “traverses”. With this strict limit set by the pit, we are able clearly direct the gaze to the view, to bypass all the intermediate elements (a road, the soil and some scattered buildings) and ultimately unify the artificial water element with the sea. That is, by creating a limit we eliminate another. From the exterior, the building is assimilated by the landscape imitating a stone fence, a building residue, or a tall threshing floor dwelling.    


  • Seaview
  • Swimming Pool
  • Parking
  • Fully Furnished
  • Fully Equiped Kitchen